Diamond Software for Courier Companies - Diamond TMS

Diamond Software for Courier Companies

Hassle-free Services

Diamond Transport Management Software provides solutions for effective management of your business that will help to optimize your delivery routes and make your driver’s work faster without the hassle of manual planning.

Diamond Transport Management Software helps couriers to make faster deliveries to their destinations without burdening their drivers.

Through Diamond TMS, courier companies can look forward to avoid:

Couriers have often driven hundreds of kilometers or miles a day to ensure that packages arrive in good order and as fast as possible.
To meet customer demand and satisfaction, we believe that your courier company needs a technology solution that provides a faster route delivery without any delays and additional cost.
Diamond TMS provides a courier management software for individual couriers combined with customizable options to tailor to your courier company requirements.

All you have to do is insert, upload or copy-paste your address list and Diamond TMS does the rest of the things that automatically optimize your drivers’ routes that you don’t have to do it. Customers also receive their courier orders faster and efficiently manage your business.

Product features

Diamond Transport Management Software features are :

Multi-stop routes area a hassle and Diamond suggest to change the route with the shortest possible duration. Always reach your customer courier on time and even more the fastest way.

You have to enter all of your tasks and follow the most efficient route to your destinations.

Link different tasks upon schedule recurring ones based on the needs of your day or week, or month.

You can choose the best route around it and give your drivers up-to-date information to stay on top of their daily tasks.

It helps to know exactly where your drivers are and how every task proceeds in real-time.

Track the metrics you need. Provide user-friendly whereas easy-to-understand data to help the best use for the growth of your company.

Clear data visualization & Intuitive user experience

Help your vehicle perform at its top in ranking through fluid digital interaction.

An easy-to-read map provides an overview of your drivers’ locations and route plans together in-progress and scheduled tasks.

Keep your customers up-to-date through automated SMS and e-mail notifications too.

Manage all your tasks with an easy drag-and-drop function like calendar view.

Help your vehicle perform better by adding custom meta-fields for any requirements.

Paperless customer service

It helps to improve your daily operations and save time with effective digital customer service.

Provide you and your customers with all the needed documents or require digital photos.

Fulfill all delivery requirements with digitally signed documents.

Send signed documents to customers immediately based upon the performance of the delivery.

Smooth integrations

Connect with the tools you already use & start boosting your delivery capacity like never before.

It saves your time and money. Integrate your current system with CRM and Warehouse for a seamless flow of information.

It helps to integrate with all the navigation systems such as Google maps, etc.