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Software for transport and warehouse operators.

Integrated software platform to help you manage your full business process with greater control and visibility

    Our Special Features

    Eliminate Paperwork with E-POD

    Capture signatures easily by signing on glass. Save time, prevent disputes, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint with real-time E-POD. Crush paper delivery orders with an automated E-POD from the moment a job is completed.

    real time notifications

    Send Real-Time Customer Notifications

    Keep your customers in the loop with real-time notifications sent via email or SMS. Automatically let them know when their package is pre-delivery, en route, or has arrived (and more). You’ll give better customer service and reduce those endless enquiries.


    Bring your Brand to Life with Customizable E-PODs

    Differentiate your brand and make it your own by customizing your E-POD. Customers will see your company logo in the E-POD PDF file that is automatically sent to them once a delivery is completed. Increase brand exposure when customers sign for their deliveries.

    Impress Customers with Tap to Track

    Delight customers while reducing support calls and missed deliveries with live Uber-style delivery tracking. Customers will be able to see visuals of the driver icon moving live on the map with an ETA starting from when the driver starts their journey, keeping them informed of the whole process.

    customer feedback

    Gain Valuable Insights with Customer Feedback

    Record customer feedback easily upon collection or delivery. Collect valuable feedback and know just how your customers feel about your product and service. These will be submitted together with the captured POD back to the Detrack dashboard in real time.

    route planning

    Route Planning Made Fast Time ElasticRoute

    Made using proprietary heuristic algorithms, ElasticRoute is a highly efficient route planning engine capable of producing natural cluster-based routes at record speed according to any complex rules you may have. Enjoy optimized routes ready with the touch of a button.

    About Us

    Diamond TMS is helping transport businesses around the globe with its state of the art all-in-one Transport Management Solutions. We help our clients to succeed by providing best delivery/transport services to their own customers. Our integrated software solution has all the features for any transport company who is looking to streamline their complete business processes.

    Our aim is to have long-term partnership approach with our clients by gaining their trust and taking their business to the next levels through our completely customizable end-to-end Transport Management Software Solutions


    Very robust platform - covers all of our needs - at a fair price.

    Rob Daley Easy Transport Inc.

    My favorite thing about Diamond is that they are always working on improving their product. There always seems to be a new tutorial or feature for the product. Their pride in producing a quality software experience for the end user is evident in all they do.

    James R. The Connell Group

    Diamond has helped us scale in a way that we didn’t think was possible.

    George Welsh Welsh Technologies

    Diamond Transport Management Software provides an online platform that is easy to use and easily provides all the important data you need to require like tracking any type of vehicles, delivery vans, and trucks.

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